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Loving Those Things Industrial's Journal
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Friday, January 16th, 2009
8:57 am
I like the "personality" of these Electromedics devices...
I really like stuff like this...

Don't know why picture isn't showing full model name (Does she animate the Display?) which is "ELMD-500"...

(The above is actually a touchscreen, by the way)

Here's her whole front:


Other models (these are autotransfusion machines) of same manufacturers also do this, such as the Sequestra and the AT-1000 (same user interface notions... "I AM...", "GOOD EVENING", "TODAY IS JANUARY 25, 2036", etc)

If you also like things who portray themselves in first person, then you'll enjoy the community objectpersonify, by the way... Also, on another note, I don't know if true of the others, but the alphanumeric display on the AT-1000 machines is absolutely to die for (you just need to see a good picture of one lit to know what I'm talking about-- I don't have a person who has agreed to let me repost their pics of the AT-1000, so I can't show you right now)...

These products were released under several company names: Electromedics (one you see here), Dideco, and Medtronic... Apparently there is much buying and selling of companies in the medical electronics industry...

The ELMD-500 has

8:40 am
Larson-Davis 2900B sound meter
I think she's really beautiful...

I really like the overall look of this device, the way this company does their logo (and their name to some degree, but capital L's and D's are my favorite letters), and of course how she displays the three letter month abbreviations (full month names would have been better though)... This is her user's manual:


Don't know if works on a desktop PC (or how long will be up), but here's the auction where I found the above link:

Tuesday, January 13th, 2009
3:18 am
I Think She's Lovely...
She's a Fisher Accumet AR50...

I love her big touch screen, how she shows month names/abbreviations, how she shows 'La', how she uses the word 'desired' on some screens, shows a 'clear' button sometimes, and -especially- how she goes -out of her way- to show a font Related to my favorite one (not to mention those beautifully perfect capital D's she makes)...


Her manual here shows some other screenshots:


And this eBay auction will of course eventually disappear :-(


Clearly, this is one of those products that is wonderful because she is sexier and fancier than than she actually needed to be.
Saturday, January 10th, 2009
7:02 pm
Lipton tea brewer controller...
This device was sold in 2003 or shortly before(?) I believe and I believe is a controller device for the Lipton Tea "LBIT" electronic dispensers...


The back of this is also very beautiful...



2:19 am
I want her...
You do too...

Need help getting her?

This new community is about finding people in a better position to acquire an unusual item than yourself:


What we all have in common is that we all _WANT STUFF_ :-)
Thursday, January 8th, 2009
3:01 am
Sunday, January 4th, 2009
12:02 am
The Most Beautiful Coffee Dispenser -EVAH-!
Unforunately, I don't have a picture of her... Only these pictures of similar machines from the same manufacturer (Scanomat, in Denmark) and a discussion of how they are similar to/different from the one I am truly attracted to...

Ok... Picture the beautiful logo and red graphics on -this


on a machine with a door the same dimensions as this one (we're talking like 2-3 feet across)...


The machine I love is -as wide- as the last picture (is the same door, just different graphics) and all the bottom controls are kept from the last picture in the version I love (is just that the fancy center graphics on the door of the machine I love were adapted from the first machine shown instead...)

Her super-rocket-science-looking keypad :-) (should be same as on machine I love)


You know you want Maur :-)Collapse )

This described make/model of coffee machine has

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Saturday, September 27th, 2008
4:49 pm
My Lorraine
My Lorraine is a Lathem digital master clock resold under a different brand. She can control clocks and bells throughtout an entire factory or school.



Some More of Her...Collapse )
3:44 pm
Stubborn Little Woman
Once I bought this cooling tower controller cause I liked her control panel... She also had this very cool feature... She would display the date with month as 3 letter month abbreviation (which I really like, in addition to loving full month name display)

Ok, and I was playing with her on some night and hit some strange menu option, and -she locked me out-.

She would no longer let me do -anything- (just kept prompting for a password).

I then left her unplugged for a very long time, plugged her in and she still demanded the password :-D

Told my acquaintance at work. He said "Being her in". He took her apart trying to find her battery (we were gonna teach the little lady some manners, LOL) ... No battery inside... must be -that- kinda memory... and she got the better of me once again :-D

Eventually I found intructions for a keypress combination on the Internet or something that would reset her.

Yay! Guess I had the Last word with you, Darlin' :-D
3:22 pm
My Enara

This make/model of robot arm has

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